Oh no Bird!


On my recent vacation to Kona, Hawaii my sister and I walked around one of the local shopping centers. We came across this lovely Koi pond.

Koi Pond
Kona, Hawaii

Extra excited because of the beautiful Lotus flowers laying on the water. Oh yes I can get my own photos of Lotus flowers, how happy I was to be hauling around my camera, while shopping. I positioned myself in a nice spot to take photos when I noticed this bird. Is the bird going to feed on the Koi fish? I asked my sister.

Bird feeding, NO!

I really enjoyed reluctantly watching this bird walk around the rock trying to catch a fish?

Bird isn’t or is it?

Was I really going to capture this bird feeding on one of those beautiful Koi fish with my camera? The bird walks and then I saw this.

Got it!

Apparently there were little tiny fish in the Koi pond that this frisky bird was feeding on.