Rocky the flying squirrel

Where is bullwinkle? You remember the cartoon? I hated it because my nickname is Rocky. I was a child when that cartoon was popular. I had buck teeth and that made me hate it even more. But as a child you get teased and that makes you tough.

Today, I took a ride to Heather Farms park where I will have a photography class next Saturday with Eric Gould Photography. I went to look for the address so as not to be late for my first class. I hope to take a bunch more.

Canadian Geese

Of course I brought my camera so I could take a walk around the park. I also brought a lawn chair so I could comfortably sit low and shoot! The weather was a warm sunny day in the Bay Area, gotta love living in East Contra Costa.

Dog walk across the grate.

Dog owner needed treats to get this animal to walk on the side of the metal grate. But isn’t he a cute dog!

I got home I wanted to upload my photos but first went out in my back yard. I headed towards the humming bird feeder when I noticed the other bird feeder. A squirrel!


Huh is that a squirrel in the bird feeder. Oh let me get a closer look.

Rocky get off the feeder!

Ok now fly squirrel because you’re not really a bird!

On the run!

Go squirrel!

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