Every moment is a sentence in


Every moment is a sentence in the story of my life. When I get snips of past moments in my lifetime oh how I wish I was interesting enough to write a story of my life to date. My earliest memories, grade school, high school, etc.

Don’t you think it would be cool to read chapters in the life of our Grandmother or Grandfather on their blogs dated 2012 from the year 2070?

So maybe as I think about what to write on my blog, I will consider the future generation’s of relatives reading it.

I recently took a trip to Hawaii, my employer allows us to stay 1 week a year on property that is owned by the company that I work for. I love to invite family to come too. I was super lucky this year because my older sister who came, invited me to stay an additional week with her as her guest at the Fairmont Orchid. Two weeks in Hawaii was amazing we left a few days short of the Big Triathlon on the island of Hawaii. It’s okay we did drive pass many of the practicing on the Queen’s Highway.

Click on the link to view photos. http://raquel-amaral.artistwebsites.com/art/all/hawaii+2012/all Once you are on the website click on any of the photos and leave a comment. Thanks!

Follow your instinct.

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Now I just wonder if the links on this blog will work in the year 2070?