Is that an Owl?


On Sunday we were hanging around the house. I wanted to go somewhere and take pics, but it was a stay home kinda day. I went in my back yard and shot a few.

I enjoy capturing these beautiful creatures. They are fast! We have a feeder and they always go to the one I can’t see with my camera.

Isn’t this a pretty shot? Usually they scurry away, but this little dove let me get a picture of her.

Later on in the afternoon, early evening we went for a walk on the corner turning back to the house. I noticed a bird on our tall tree.

Photo was taken from my front yard with a 250mm lens. Tree is about 110ft tall.

I’m now in the backyard with the same lens. High! But the owl just let me take a photo or two!

I ran inside grabbed my doubler for the 250mm lens but I wasn’t perfectly still.
The time was around 6:00pm. Was that a snowy Owl, barnyard owl? It sure was a nice visit!