Got an iPad?

I love to draw and I have an iPad.

I’ve used Artstudio for over a year and recently started drawing on the app ArtRage. I enjoy drawing in the evening before I go to sleep. I never really know what I’m going to draw and sometimes it takes a few evenings until I complete a drawing.

I love expressing my thoughts, emotions, the kind of day I had through colors of paint. I have expressed my creativity through creating jewelry with wire, beads and stones, but someone who creates with beads etc. can easily copy my design. My jewelry designs came from the same creativity as my drawings. However, I feel that my drawings really appear to be an original.

Perhaps knowing that what I draw is a Raquel original might be what drives me to draw. However I think it is for therapy. Like praying before closing my eyes to go to sleep. I draw first then pray.

Here is my latest design for public display. You can view the original on my Fine Art America page.



Click here to view original. I used the new iPad app ProCreate. Please if you feel like it leave a comment.

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