Ferry Tripping

Do you enjoy green beans? I’m eating them for dinner and sure do love them. I’m about to share some photos of our second adventure to Pier 39. What kind of vacation can you have when you’re on a tight budget? And yet I wanted to take pictures of places I hadn’t done so before.

It was the hottest day of the week in the month of July. I was on vacation and we were doing day trips. Had wanted to go to Santa Rosa for a safari. But didn’t want to be to uncomfortable with the high temperatures.

My son had a doctor’s appointment so this trip was going to be latter in the day. We drove to Larkspur and boarded the Ferry that was going to take us to the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

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Took this photo while waiting for the Ferry to arrive. I am always on the look out for that white bird, “my Dad.”

Pulling out of the area and notice the beautiful art work across the water in Larkspur. It’s a better photo than the one of San Quentin prison.
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As you can see it’s a gorgeous day, the sky is blue and the weather was perfect. But as we sailed west towards San Francisco, Fog was pushing through the gate.

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After passing this point on the bay the weather was back to a lovely day. We sat outside so I could get several photos of the sail boats enjoying their day too.

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We arrive at the Ferry Building and walked to Pier 39. We were told it was about a mile and 1/2. But it was such a lovely walk.
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The Fog had the weather at the Pier 39, windy and chilly. I was prepared for the cold San Francisco Fog weather but my husband and son weren’t. So we cut our evening short and returned back to the Ferry Terminal to catch the boat back to Larkspur.

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The next day was movie day, but the following day was a train ride to Santa Cruz, stay tuned.

If you would like to see more photos on our trip to San Francisco’s Pier 39. You can go to
my fineArt America site.

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