I’m doing a give away ~ Flora vintaj earrings

www.houseofraquel.com is having a giveaway on my blog. I usually do these giveaways on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/houseofraquel. Today I want to offer it to customers outside of the walls of Facebook. Leave a comment and you must Follow my blog to get a chance to win. I’m curious if any one will. I’ve been missing in action over here on WordPress.

Would you like to see what I’m giving away? Well they are earrings. Do you like earrings? Do you like blue Apatite gemstone briolette beads? I ordered the beads from a shop on Etsy, Exotics on the Rocks.

The length is 1 3/8″.

I’m calling them Flora because I am also giving away a book on my page The other side of me. by an Author Flora Nova and her book is called Her Will. Would you like to visit her facebook page? Read back a few words and click on the title of her book. Flora emailed me today to tell me that my facebook, The other side of me was gone. I really appreciate friends on the internet!!!Don’t worry friends my facebook page, The other side of me is still there, Whew.

If you like them and want a chance to win enter a comment and Follow my blog. See you on the WEB!

20 thoughts on “I’m doing a give away ~ Flora vintaj earrings

  1. I would love to win the beautiful Flora earrings. So pretty to wear on a nice Spring day. Thank you!

  2. They are beautiful Raquel !! I would be so happy and honored to wear a pair of these. Love and light and have a blessed day : )

  3. I LOVE the shape and colores LOVE blue and purple 🙂 The metal makes the blue even more effective.

  4. I was wonderring wher you had gone on facebook and thought it wa sjust a facebook problem of hiding things .the new set up on it is realy bad.:(

  5. Wow, these are so beautiful!! I’d so honored to wear them. Namaste, friend ❤

  6. Raquel,
    I absolutely love your give away idea. Those earrings are exquisite by the way. Some lucky winner will be happy to acquire them. I have been practicing the great giveway for years while I was working and now I find myself on the disabled list. I’m not telling you this to gain your sympathy, however, I would love some advice on setting up a giveaway page on my Facebook page. I still want to do this as I feel it has a great clearing and cleansing quality about it. If you have time to advise me I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Terri,
      Take a photo a what you are giving away and tell everyone to click on the photo to enter a comment for their chance to win.
      Show the photo 1/2/3 times a day or however many times that you want and for as long as you want. At the end of the contest pick a winner. Send them the gift!

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