I listened to you

I hear you when I’m making jewelry or while I’m driving to work. I know you’re there all the time.  I love your gentleness and how you nudge me.

I created my facebook page because of you and now I’m at 9,800 likers. I post the same on my profile page and no one comments. Don’t get discouraged your voice needs to be heard just not by all the people who have always heard it. Reach out and talk to others. They are waiting to hear you speak. What do you have to say that you’re holding back from saying. Speak. Do not be afraid.

I will be next to you nudging you along. ~ Your spirit Guide.

I will be on http://www.para-x.com a internet radio show this evening at 7:00pm EST.

Angels are everywhere.

3 thoughts on “I listened to you

  1. Wonderful ideas Raquel and I really love your jewelry. I have just been promoted to a job where I get to be a preschool teacher and dress well so I have been having fun shopping!!! Vanessa

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