Give and Get SH*T for it!

Monday Morning –

I copy and paste one page at a time that like my page to share them with my likers. Funnie thing about this morning, there were  one after the other after the other totaling 15 pages that had 0 likes and no Info on their page and they each had one thing in common they liked my page. I thought that is odd and I said so as I copied the third one to my page. I had a strange feeling it was Monday and one of my giveaways was ending that evening. So I clicked on my Angel Therapy Oracle Card giveaway and all these bogus pages like one person’s comment. Was that fair? As I think about it now. If I didn’t shout out new pages I would not have noticed this. And still the winner would have one. They had more likes.

I posted these comments on the giveaway.

Really bogus pages to win a deck of cards???? I may just cancel this giveaway!

You know who you are who set up bogus pages to win a deck of cards. I would really appreciate it if you remove yourself from this giveaway.

When I click on your likes I can see all the bogus pages liking you! What is up with cheating?

If you still here in a few hours I may have to delete you! I didn’t delete this person’s comment.

Someone else ended up winning the contest fair and square. The winner of the contest needed to have the most LIKEs! As the page that does the giveaways I am able to see who like everyone’s comments. But after the contest ended this person and their comment with all their likes disappeared. I was glad that it was over. I’m no longer doing giveaways this way anymore.

This evening I just notice in my FB personal page EMail (other) which I never noticed before. I guess (other) emails are for emails written to you by people who aren’t your friend 10 emails…

    • Camerahouse
    • Crystal ClearDresses By ClaraMagic Acts By Women



      Portals Of Secrets

      Are all my pages, I made them BUT NOT TO VOTE FOR HER- PR

    • why cant you appologise for the fucking abuse you caused for k. *nin*tails

why cant you appologise for the fucking abuse you caused for k.*nin*tails? PR


you say your spiritual? what a load of bollocks
I voted and Im real!!! are you? – Psychic QE

I’m real and I voted and I find your accuations appauling – A W

I’m real n i voted for k.*nin*tails – MB

You are so full of crap, you are the one who lied about people cheating on the comp, when you had no evidence, you made a judgment on something and you were wrong! now you are bullshitting on about ppl saying they are reporting you all we were told to do was read what u wrote and unlike the page not report you…moron
oh and by the way I am real and I voted for k.*nin*tails – MZ

All I want to do is Give! and this is what I get. But that’s okay I’m no longer doing giveaways this way. Hopefully random drawings will be less drama and more fun. To PR why would you have all those pages and only LIKE The other side of me????????? I wrote * and initials to protect them. But I  have those emails in my FB personal other.

Give and don’t worry about what you get back! ❤ Raquel

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