is the last day for the Angel Therapy Oracle card giveaway on my facebook page, The other side of me.
I wake up this morning and notice several pages liking mine. Every morning and evening I will shout all the new pages that like mine. There were about 25 this morning. I wondered whether or not I forgot to do an evening shout out! NO Last night I checked and there weren’t any new pages.
So I begin one at a time copy and pasting the page’s link onto my page letting my “LIkers” know of these new pages. After about 4 the pages that like mine have 0 likers. As I am copy and paste I begin to think odd, one after the other up to 15 pages with 0 likers, no info, all just liking my page, The other side of me. Why I ask myself?
I check my NOTES – for the Angel Therapy Oracle card giveaway and I see one person who has everyone of these new pages liking her comment. You see that is how you win this contest. The one with the most likes.
The other giveaways I have going on on my page are all won by random. My husband will pick a number between 1 and ? depending on how many comment.
I’ve asked the person to remove herself from the contest. I’ve said that I will delete their comment in a few hours.
Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle cards are worth cheating for? Or is it just I must win?

The contest ends today at 8:00pm pacific time.