Show up as LOVE always <3 Raquel

I’m enjoying my recent facebook page – The other side of me. I am meeting new people and they are copying my posts and inviting people to like my page. I am inviting people to like their page. We all seem to be sharing Love, Light, higher consciousness, Peace, Spirit, One, quotes, beautiful photos a Unity of Spirit.
I grew up in the 70s. Vietnam was ending. Love and Peace was the energy then but it is shouting even louder in my world today. I’m not sure what kind of world you are living in. It can be tough if you’re unemployed, all alone, etc. It can be hard if you’re employed and are just making ends meet. There’s gotta to be more to life than just existing. I’m learning that we are all the same, we want the same for our children, we cry at weddings, funerals, when we hurt or our children hurt. We laugh when we’re happy. We’re happy when? When everything is going well? Is that when you’re happy? That’s easy! Try finding happy when things aren’t going so well. Happy exists inside of me. Joy does too. I get my strength from God, Source, I am, Our Creator, Buddha, the Universe, etc which exists inside of me. Yes! I can’t find this Source outside in the material world. No one or place or thing can make me happy or joyful.
Wherever I go today or any day I do my best to show up as LOVE. <Raquel

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