The Other Side of Me

As a child I was always sensitive. I loved being outside playing. I could lay on the grass and stare up into the sky for hours. I loved daydreaming and imagining. When I was in my high school years I was interested in Astrology, what is your sign? I’m a Cancer and I am a moon girl. I love this book! My creative interests have changed throughout my years. In the 80’s I sold 14k gold jewelry on the side. I had a bustling little business selling to all the girls in the office I worked in. Growing up I was always aware of the “sensitivity” inside of me. I’ve always been drawn to crystals and the metaphysical. In the 90s I sewed with passion. Also, I loved reading about life after death and meditating with crystals. In the 2000s I created House of Raquel and designed my own jewelry. I discovered John Edward from watching the TV show Crossing Over and started meditating, communicating with loved ones who had crossed over.
Up until this year my interest with jewelry and being a seer would swing back and forth. I used to write my blogs on Blogger, I say Blogs because I had two of them. One for House of Raquel and one for The Other Side of Me. I combined them when I started writing my blog on WordPress. You will notice a tab up above for The Other Side of Me.
I recently created a facebook page The Other Side of Me, you will find me here more than ever. Join me.
The Other Side of Me. I will talk freely about doing readings, being spiritual, the books I’m reading, uplifting topics. “Fear does not exist here, only love. Show up as love always <3" Raquel

2 thoughts on “The Other Side of Me

  1. This is so wonderful ! I know I will find” The Other Side Of Me ” an adverture in leaning and reading about your thoughts and your new discoveries. Good Luck My Friend I will enjoy !!!!!

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