Hot Lids

I’m talking about my eye lids. I’ve finally decided the time has come to stop wearing eye pencil on my eye lids. My eye lids get hot and the pencil smears. Eye Liners smear onto my brow bone. My eyes now look a little bare. But my eyes don’t look like I’m Rocky Raccoon.

I’m still wearing a little mascara but there have been days when I don’t want to put on any makeup. Maybe I’m getting to the place where enough already. I’m me with or without makeup. I’ve been wearing it since 7th grade. Yea Lord knows how long that has been. I’ll wear lipstick forever!
How old are you? Are you still wearing eye liner? What eye liner do you wear? Does it smear? I need help! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hot Lids

  1. i quit makeup 16 years ago…no regrets! have more $, more time, more me! quit high heels then too. now earrings are another story…i won’t go out of the house without wearing earrings 🙂

  2. I am a retired esthetician /make-up artist trained by the late Aida Grey.
    I learned very early on that the cheaper the liner pencil the better it stays on.
    I get mine at the dollar store and it stays on all day.

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