I like to just sit and stare out the window. But now it is dark and I can barely see the leaves on the tree outside my window. How often I find myself looking into the spaces between the leaves. I can feel you looking back at me trying to get my attention. I sit in silence so I can hear you. But right now all I hear is the sound of the cable box and I have my tv turned off. I prefer to stare out of my window in the day time. I’ve never really cared for the darkness. As my eyes get older it is hard for me to see in the dark. Let me light a candle. There that is better now that I closed the blinds. I’ve left  the darkness outside. The candle light warms the room.

I hope you are happy and at peace with yourself. I hope that you are loved by many and also love many. I hope that when you smile you know that you light up the world around you. I hope that you know that many think of you as a blessing in their life. You often show the world how it comes naturally to be generous and kind. I like being around you and listening to you speak. You inspire me.

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