You’re psychic !

So everyone knew that you were having a girl including the daddy. Turns out Daddy’ receives premonitions in his dreams.

My nephew shows up at my house without his wife. Hmm where is Victoria? I asked. He replied, “Oh she wasn’t feeling well.” “Hmm she’s pregnant? I asked. He said, “I told her that you would know immediately!”. Yes and she’s going to have a girl.

Our family patiently waited and yesterday it was confirmed, She’s having a girl! I may have “saw” the baby girl. But it’s always nice when I get validated.  Pretty much Grandma,  Auntie and the Daddy both thought it was a girl too and we all secretly wanted her to have a boy. Looks like everyone is getting a little more psychic.

So can I just say that everyone is Psychic. Everyone is connected to G*d, the universe, source ,etc. If you want to be psychic just practice, practice. Meditate, read books on the subject, make friends with psychics. Take classes offered by psychics. Google the topic. It’s a gift given to everyone.

Who wants to be a student in my class? Am I teaching a class next? Who wrote that? Hmmm. This blog is getting published without a picture. 🙂


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