Cuckoo Lady

I’ve been slowly coming out of the closet about my spirituality. All of my life I have hidden my “spirituality” from others. I’ve been afraid to let the world know that I was a “sensitive”a “cry baby”. Those that I would allow to get to know me always thought that I was somewhat off, “quirky”, “cuckoo lady”.

Well NOW I’m fully present and welcome to me. The other day a co-worker came into my office at work with their newborn grand baby boy. He was staring up into the corner wall of my office. Have you ever noticed how newborn babies seem to be staring at walls or up above your head? Well I spoke up and said that he was looking at my Angel who is always here to protect me. Not even two seconds passed when Mommie, Baby and Grandma exited my office. I couldn’t have cleared a room faster if I told them to leave now! I’m no longer going to hold back.

I’m completely comfortable in my body and spirit. I love my spirit, my heart. I’ve listened to my heart through out my life. Now it seems that everyone is speaking about it “Living from the Heart.” Are you in touch with your heart? Do you listen to it? Try it for 21 days so it can become a habit.

I’m working on writing a book finally. I was asked to write about my life in 1974 by my Independent Study teacher, Ms. Bodine when I was in the 10th grade. I wrote and I wrote but when my school locker was broken into. That ended my life story, besides that what kind of a story would 15 years of my life have been? Although today I would have enjoyed reading what I wrote when I was 15. But as I look back it was such a small part of my life.

Two years ago when Sylvia Brown told me that I would write a book. I never contemplated writing because my grammar is so undesirable. I only say that because my bosses have always found it their duty to correct it! Now I’m finding it fun and my life stories keep popping up in my head and I think oh oh I must write that one down.

As I’m writing on my blog this morning I have my facebook window page open and my yahoo email window open. As I often do. I went to check my facebook page and on the right side of my wall was an add, New Age Publisher, Titled “Want to share your spiritual journey”. Hello is this synchronicity?  Yes I want to share my spiritual journey. I also want to share my drawings, photos and jewelry. I would love to share my client’s readings too, but you’ll have to wait to read about some of them in my published book!


2 thoughts on “Cuckoo Lady

  1. Its so good to hear that you are embracing your path, it does seem to be synchronisation. I look forward to reading more about where your path takes you 🙂

  2. ‘I’m sorry but referring to yourself as the cuckoo lady….rubs me the wrong way….You
    have added so much to my life…. I know of no one who would say you are a cuckoo….
    the new grandparent situation you ran into…is only temporary….that little Guy will be babbbling to the ceiling in no time….then things will fall into place for them…Please Please don’t LET ANYone hold you back when you write…..
    Stay your open strong self……Many Hugs. Cory…

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