I forgot

where I put my keys and then suddenly they are in my jacket pocket. I am being stalled for some reason to get in my car and go. Perhaps I missed a big truck throwing a rock at my windshield. Or maybe a car accident. I welcome the hiccups through out life.

Well this morning I left my iphone at home. Oh I am so addicted to it, the camera! Word!, FB! Email, Yahoo IM no iphone.

Ok I can do this. I have my ipad and the whistle app so if I really need to make a phone call I can use that. So I am stopped at a red light when I get out my ipad and try to call my husband. It wants me to authenicate?? Ok so no phone. NO PHONE!

I can’t take any photos of the sky, I can’t play WORD on my drive to work. I WANT my iphone.
I get to work and call my husband from my desk phone. He asked, “Would you like me to bring it to you?” Oh no babe I’ll authenicate my whistle app.

I forget about it and kinda think that my husband will just surprise me with it. A few hours go by now and I have totally forgotten about my iphone. My husband calls me are you sure you don’t have it because I can’t find it. So I search my new Miche purse, nope I don’t have it Babe. He tells me he will call it and when he finds it he will bring it to me. Aww I do have the sweetest husband.

I had a meeting after work and he didn’t want me to be without my iphone. After the meeting I was driving home and I called to let him know I was on my way home. My name is Raquel Amaral and I am a iphone addict.

2 thoughts on “I forgot

  1. I have the most fun explaining “pay phones” to my daughter…. Now that she is almost 20, we text when she is just “upstair!” So I cant imagine being without one now…. but oh, somedays I wouldnt mind getting “lost” without it for a few hours!

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