Good morning

I woke up early this morning and went into my “room”. I lit some candles and stared at the light for a moment or two. As I began to meditate and ground myself in the quiet of the early dawn. An overwhelming peace filled my spirit and the room. It was a perfect moment for me to just BE.
I got out my Wacom drawing tablet and begin to draw. I haven’t had time in a while to just sit and relax to draw. Drawing for me is a form of meditation. The candles filled the room with warmth and a lovely scent. My mind and heart were content as my hands began to draw.
Angel Hermatite and her message was Love. Open your heart today let it fill the love and embrace it.

I wanted to share with you two of my crystals. I used to meditate with the larger one. It is extremely powerful. I handle it carefully and always ground myself after holding it.

I hope you find time in each day to center yourself and find peace. I seem to need too each and everyday lately. Ok time for a cup of coffee with cream.

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