I don’t see with my eyes


I see with my heart, my hands, my feelings. I use my computer to do readings. A “Seer”. I am able to tune into your energy and see your energy. My preference in doing this is over the computer.
I have been practicing for several years. Reading books on the subject. About ten years ago John Edward appeared on TV. Do you remember that show, Crossing Over? I was amazed and secretly very pleased. I would watch him and cry. I purchased some cassette tapes from him. Developing your own Psychic Powers. 6 individual ones from Meditation exercises to Meeting your guides. Not only did I meet my guide, Jade. But I was communicating with people who had crossed over. Not to many people believed that I could do this. My mom of course did, my brother David and my friend at work, Wendy. I was amazed at it and still am. I was communicating with “spirit”, but I wasn’t psychic or was I?

This lead me to taking a class offered by James Van Praagh, a Begin Mediumship class. I knew I was communicating with spirits, my Father for one whom I had never any conscious memory of in my life, he died when I was three. My Uncle Tony who had passed away not to long before and my friend Wendy’s friend Stacy. I talked my husband into flying down to Southern California with me something that he never would do again. I spent most of the time in class that weekend. I was loving every minute of it. This was why I was born. I just knew it. My husband was bored out of his mind. He also wasn’t buying any of it. He does now 🙂 But even after that weekend I knew I didn’t want people to know. Photobucket

I learned from James Van Praagh, that no one was going to say to me, Ok today is the day you are a Medium. I also learned that it was ok to be wrong. Two years later, Oct 2002 I flew to Rhinebeck, NY to the Omega Institute to take an advanced mediumship class with James Van Praagh.Photobucket I was never the same after that. I met some very special people who I’m still connected with today. One of whom is in spirit now, Debbie Caruso. But I was still afraid to let people know.

I would “GIVE” people readings. It was a way for them to believe and for me to gain confidence. Many of those people will ask for a reading to this day. In 2009, I paid an exorbitant amount of money for a reading from Sylvia Browne. Whom I believe to be the best in the business.

BINGO! IT NOW HIT ME. It is okay if I’m wrong. If it is okay for her to be wrong. Getting me to this belief has been my path. “No one was going to tell you, ok today you’re a Medium.” I no longer care what people are going to think of me. I’m totally ok with being wrong. And you know what I’m super ok with being RIGHT too!

I don’t see with my eyes. I don’t call myself a medium or a psychic. I am a “SEER”. My “sight” comes from “G*D.

Before I do a reading, I protect myself and you. I am grounded. I suggest if you are interested in developing your psychic ability. That you read books that interest you on the subject. Investigate and your spirit will lead you. We all have this ability. Trust it.