I can’t move forward

Until I can fix it. I don’t know about you but when I’m working on something, we’ll just say my website. Because I am. I am stuck creatively until I get it done. My brain is incapable of thinking about anything else! I’m tired of it!
Brain move on!

I have a mac and a few months back my hard drive crashed. The website that I built on my Iweb is gone. However the website still exists on the internet. So I’ve been wanting to update the website but in order to do so I needed to download my html pages from my mobile me account.

I worked on it last evening. I downloaded the pages into my iweb and made the changes that I wanted, clicked publish! Hooray I did it!

Then I noticed one of my links wasn’t working. So in correcting this I broke something. My website no longer comes up. I haven’t a clue what to do.
This is the error that I get,

Looking for something on MobileMe?
We can’t find the page you requested. Please make sure the URL is spelled and capitalized correctly, and try again.
MobileMe Login | MobileMe Support | Learn more..

Mobile me Support here I come. Get ready cause here I come.

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