Will they crack?

I wanted to test my precious crystals in my kiln to see if I could decorate them with silver clay instead of wrapping them with wire. I enjoy creating original designs.
The shot picture below shows the clear crystal in the tumbler. As you can see it has remained intact after it was fired. The tumbler will clean and polish the silver, removing the residue of white clay.


The next photo below is a silver pendant with an amethyst and clear (cz) cubic zirconia that I made with pmc. It is waiting its turn to go into the tumbler to get clean and polished.

Purple and clear cz pendant

The next picture is the aqua aura pendant that also survived the firing in the kiln, although the color looks more purple now than blue. However this crystal’s energy is quite amazing. Have you ever held a crystal in your hand and felt it pulsate? If you do ground yourself after. Sometimes I forget and touch my laptop’s keyboard. The laptops windows will flicker and close. So I remember why it is acting strange and I touch the ground with both hands and go back to the keyboard where all is ok again.

Aqua Aura point

This is my pretty little tumbler. I just add distilled water and a drop of liquid soap and my pmc pieces. This go round I did them one at a time. Only because I was being extra careful with my crystals, otherwise you could do a few at a time.

Here is the Finished Aqua Aura piece hanging from a bail. Pretty! However if you notice the lower swirl of silver didn’t make it in the tumbler, it fell off. I’m learning and loving it! The piece that fell off can be reused, not to worry.

Aqua Aura

Here is the finished round pendant with amethyst and clear cubic zirconias.

Purple and clear cz

Unfortunately the clear point didn’t survive my handling it. After an hour in the tumbler there was still clay residue in the little nooks and crannies of the piece. I used my steel wool brush on it and it broke it my hands. But I’ll work with it and more pmc to make a nice piece of jewelry.

I’m real excited about working with PMC and Crystals.

2 thoughts on “Will they crack?

  1. Love the photos and seeing what you are doing with your crystals – and nice add on with the thought of remembering to ground after touching the stones – I didn’t know that. Keep up the good work lady!! Loving it!!

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