One day

I decided I was going to make my own sterling silver jewelry with beads. That was a few years back in 2001. My sister bought me the needle nose pliers when she use to make jewelry back in the 60s. Can you believe I still had them? She use to make earrings and sell them at the flea market on the weekends back then.

I have to admit I’ve met many new people who love to buy my designs and others who love to make their own jewelry. I love seeing all the pretty pieces many of you make from your blogs and fb fan pages. The glass beads and pendants some of you create yourself are amazing. There sure is a difference looking at a piece of handmade beads on a bracelet compared to all the  mass produced ones you get in stores from little bead shops to Michaels!

I don’t have the time to make my own beads so I’ll just continue to buy yours.  I do love making my own silver pieces.  I bought some more clay from Cool Tools and I’ll be playing with it over my 3 day weekend.  I’ll be adding a page to my house of raquel website shortly for my PMC silver clay pieces.

Speaking of which I only have $4 earrings on sale on my website.

Look for all my old pieces to be drastically reduced in the future. Maybe I’ll set up a table at the next flea market 🙂

Have a good weekend. I’ll be browsing the blogs in the morning.

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