WHAT are you wearing!


I have quite an inventory of my jewelry designs. I’m thinking about having monthly shows in my home. Would you be interested? I could skype it, would that interest you?
Every morning for a couple of weeks I’ve been posting what I’m going to wear on my house of raquel fan page. click it and you can view my daily wear. A girl must have her jewelry on!
Now if only I could get my daily wear on a iphone, ipad app anyone know how to go about doing that. I must research.

Picture #1

Today’s daily wear is not on my website as of yet.

Daily Wear

Swarovski pearls navy blue in color on a sterling silver medium weight chain with an antique pendant.

Picture #2 This collection can be found at House of Raquel The bracelet is swarovski pearls in brown. Take a closer look see bracelet link


The earrings are sterling silver wire wrapped with a swarovski pearl drop to match the bracelet. Want a closer look the Earring link.
Picture #3 Collection for all the heart lovers. Here is the bracelet link and the heart link chain, take a closer look Necklace Link
WHAT are you wearing!!