Create your world your way.

I’m unable to sleep in on the weekends ugh. Tomorrow morning at 5am I’ll be wishing it was the weekend.
So I have my coffee and I’m browsing through blogger. Yes I said blogger where I had two of my blogs before moving them over to wordpress. Where I’m staying relunctantly because I had a following at Blogger and I lost it when I moved. I do enjoy the blogs I follow at Blogger.

I also enjoy “Liking” your facebook “Fan-page” as House of Raquel. Way to go Facebook! I look forward to “like” yours.

Something has been happening to me that I can’t explain. I’ve fallen in love with knitting. I knew how to knit and purl but that was about it so I found the local knit store, Fashion Knit Store
and enrolled myself in a Learn to knit class. It’s a 3 day class 2 hours/day. If you are in the area you gotta visit this store. You will love it there!

Knitted scarf

If that weren’t enough on top of my jewelry designing, I also have re-discovered drawing. I found some drawing apps on my ipad, Art Studio (my fav) and a new one Art Rage. I used the app Art Studio at first with my fingers and then purchased ipad pens but it wasn’t quite like a pen so I found another one a better one I keep the pen clipped on my ipad. The only art class I’ve taken was in junior high school. Maybe I should take a few in my very spare time.


Yesterday my husband surprised me with a trip to Anna’s Linen’s to shop for curtains and then we walked over to Best Buy.
He bought me the Wacom Intuos4 tablet. The small one. I couldn’t wait to get home to play with it. It comes with a bundle of software that you download, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, Corel Painter, Autodesk Sketchbook Express 2010 (I love this one)


I’m loving the doses of creativity pouring in and out of me. I’m creating my world my way. I love being a me.

Painting by the Universe - Create your world your way.

I love the world I live in. I’d love to share it with you. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Create your world your way.

  1. Wow Raquel you really are and artist. I love the why you tilted her head. I am so happy you are trying different crafts. I have that drawing pad also. Have fun!!!

  2. You truly are in a wonderfully creative state – from drawing to sketching. Thanks for sharing your latest work with us! 🙂

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