Pretty in Pink

I played with clay and added pink cz’s to a few pieces. My silver pieces are finished for the day and sitting on the table drying. I’ll fire them in a few days. I’m waiting to get supplies to polish the pieces that I made two weeks ago. Once I get them polish I’ll share the finished product on my blog.
I almost bought polymer clay to make beads yesterday. I had them in my basket when I went to Michael’s craft store. Boy was I surprised to see all the supplies to make polymer beads. There was Nada for PMC so I will continue to order it online at I decided not to get the polymer clay so I put it back on the shelf. I’m going to concentrate on working with silver clay only.
So the possibilities are endless I’d say.

Here is the next piece. Abstract purty in pink girl.
I’m going back online to order more PMC and czs. I also made a few more silver pieces without czs. I’ll show them to you once they are completely finished. I’ve always wanted to use clay. 🙂 Happy.

6 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

    1. Wow thank you Cindy! Coming from an artist who has her pieces shown in magazines with the recent on the cover of The Best of step by step Wire Jewelry I’m very grateful for your comment.

  1. just dropping by to say hello and also now that i am here to thank you for the kindness, joy and light you have given me in my life 🙂 happiest of new years my friend 🙂

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