I love Saturdays when I haven’t any plans. I get to stay home and have a play day. My children all grown up and they don’t have any children, they aren’t even married yet. So I am the child. I love to play. Today I’m playing!
My husband and I went for our morning walk. I didn’t carry my camera but I had my iphone. Here is the sky. I told my husband,”Babe, the more I take pictures of the sky, the more the sky wants me to take pictures of it. ” I really enjoy the sky especially when the clouds are shouting out! I’ve been walking everyday since I’ve had surgery in May. I’m better and healthier for it. While walking in the Bishop Estates neighborhood a friendly cat lets me pet it. My broken heart from losing our last cat is hanging off my sleeve, I’m sure this cat must sense that. I’m petting this cat and trying to take a picture of it. I get the picture and stop petting the cat. We walk away and the cat sits there and watches me. I was secretly hoping the cat would follow us home. We have told each other we are done with animals. One day when we’re ready again to open our hearts a cat will be there. Until then I have photos of them all around me.
Oh so what did I do today? I played with clay. Not just any clay, PMC silver clay and I made 5 charms. They are drying out right now. Tomorrow I will put them in the kiln. I’ve had a kiln for 3 years and never really used it. I was thinking about selling it, but just couldn’t get around to it. I need it!
I have been inspired by start making my own silver bead and charms. Be sure to check Art bead scene’s blog for great beads etc. If you’re into it.
So here is one of the beads that I made. It is in its clay state. I look forward to showing the finish product. Then showing the bead in a piece of jewelry. I had a fun day of play. What did you do?