Nothing on my mind.


For a few days now I have had nothing on my mind to write about. So unusual, it is freaking me out! Where did it go? My mind that is. I feel better not speaking, my mouth is closed. I’ve started a few posts and quit after one or two sentences. I don’t know what is going on with me.
Silence has taken me over. I’m ok with it. I’m sure it is just a phase maybe the moon has something to do with it. Is there a new moon on the horizon?

I’ve been over indulging in creativity lately with jewelry, photography, knitting. I’ve been making earrings and pendants for me to wear. Funky, earthy, not the usual. I’m getting more into vintaj antique brass. Maybe the fall season has a little something to do with the reason for earthly delighted jewelry designs.

I bought some silver clay recently and I don’t know when I’m going to mold it into a charm, pendant or ball and fire it in my kiln. When I ordered it a month ago I couldn’t wait. Maybe tomorrow I can play with silver clay. I’ll be at home.

I do want to get up early to take photos of the sun rise. The more I take pictures of the paintings by the universe the more the paintings appear in the sky for me to capture. Today this morning I had to pull over to take pictures. I didn’t have my camera so I used my iphone4’s camera. is a website for iphone camera photographers. There are several websites actually.

Maybe I’m over stimulated by the internet, facebook, blogger, email. Perhaps I’m getting to much information and my mind is taking longer to process. Silence and my mind is blinking with no particular thoughts, just a scrambled ball of many thoughts with out any focus. I enjoy the quiet. Nothing on my mind to write about, and yet I just did, huh?