November designs

I am working on jewelry today. I’ve created a new line and I’m calling it, Cory Bella. It is to recognize a dear friend who inspires me just by being her. So I wanted to create a line of earrings in her honor. This line represents the woman who loves with her entire being and receives love in return without asking for it. She has a beautiful smile that fills your heart with the love she gives. I wish for you all to have a Cory Bella in your life. I am so grateful that I do. Thank you Cory for being in my life.

Click the link to view the new line. House of Raquel
On sale now at House of Raquel, Cory Bella jewelry line.

One thought on “November designs

  1. I sobbed like a baby…Rich read over my shoulder he teared up too….I am so honored to hear that you love me ….
    because I love You…..
    Tight Hugs, Cory

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