The Face

Another morning of drinking coffee in bed. This morning there is a little chill in the air. I throw a blanket over my shoulders to keep the chill off. Then remove it after a few more sips of coffee.
I downloaded a new app, Artstudio to my ipad and was getting familiar with it when my husband came in. I handed him the ipad so he could play solitaire on it. I get up and get my mactop.
I scan my email deleting all the crappy ones. I scroll down my facebook page clicking some “likes”. The adds on the sidebar interest me so I click on one. checking out free websites. “What the heck I am doing here? I don’t need a website I have one.”
My husband asks me if I got any good photos from yesterday’s excursion to Lime Ridge? I told him I uploaded the photos and didn’t see any. Then I began showing him and after closer review I found a few.

The Face

A gem that would have gone unnoticed had my husband not asked. Yes there is a face and neither one of us recognize it. Do you see it?
I’ve added it to my collection at Artfire. The Face

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