Stay at home day.

Drinking coffee in bed with my laptop. On the weekends I add cream to my cup of coffee. Yum! Scrolled my facebook home page, clicked on links that catch my eye. None of my friends have a birthday today. I have so many amazing friends here on facebook. Are you a fan of Iam the Muse? Check her out at Become a fan! She has a zillion fans and she manages to stop each day to leave a comment on all my posts, amazing. She is genuinely nice, you’ll love her too.

Once I’m done with my coffee, I’m going to go take a walk in downtown Walnut Creek amongst all the shops. I don’t think my husband will want to walk with me but we’ll see. I’m going to enjoy the air and the morning rush of businesses opening. I wish wish I was one of them. (someday)

But before I get there I want to stop and take some pictures of the sky at Lime Ridge open space. You get a big picture of the sky and the city here. Across the street the open field has horses and sometimes cows. I see it on my drive to and from work each day. Daydreaming of just stopping and taking pictures. So today is the day.

I’m looking forward to just taking brain pauses along the way and just breathing. I know how fortunate I am. I appreciate the world around me and do take time to stop to smell the roses. Well I better get out of this bed and get on with Friday! Enjoy yours.

2 thoughts on “Stay at home day.

  1. well after i grabbed a tissue for teary eyes….
    i can type! 🙂
    you have always been a tender heart…and a good friend.
    more than a fan!

    i have enjoyed seeing you grow…seeing you open yourself to the world…
    and becoming a vessel for all around you.

    you are most treasured!

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