I finished the painting


So I finished my painting. I was missing my cat Pookie who died recently and I am still missing her. A year ago our other cat Hay passed away, he was Pookie’s brother. After he died, she went around the house for awhile mourning for him. She had never been without her brother Hay. She was last one out of three. When she passed away I imagined that Hay was waiting for her to greet her.
My painting was inspired by their relationship and how badly I am missing both of them.
I call this painting Hay brings the Light for Pookie.
Here was the original picture created on my ipad 608inal sketch done on my ipad with my fingernail.

Here is a picture of Pookie.
Here is Hay

Now I believe they are both together with their mommie in Cat Heaven.
I bought some 4×6 waterpainting cards to continue my once new again obsession with the art of brushing paint on paper.