house of raquel

House of Raquel designs. I’m so in love with making jewelry. I want to sit in my bead room all the time. I have to make time on the weekends to do it. Sometimes I reply with a no when invited to go some where. I need my weekends to be creative.
The latest bracelet. Yellow opal stones and murano glass bead and chinese glass bead. The length is 7 to 7 3/4″.
.Click here to get a closer look.
The necklace to match the bracelet. I love using silver pieces combined with beads. The chain is sold separate. .
If you would like to get a closer look click here.

2 thoughts on “house of raquel

  1. Delightfully pleasing combination of colors~something that really feels like a peek into autumn!
    And I love the photography…. 🙂
    You are so creative …. !

  2. Hey Raquel I have a friend whose name is the same…………….I love your jewelry designs, they are so original. Love the way you photograph them. I was just surfing around and came across a jewelry blog just like yours you might want to check it out………….she also has quite original designs. You guys can follow each other…

    Check it out:

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