I met

the baby I seen in spirit 14 months ago, yesterday. He is 3 weeks old. Beautiful precious baby boy with so much to say. I heard him tell me that he was a Master of Ascension. So now I must google it because I had no idea what that was. “They are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a process of spiritual transformation.”

I only told my husband this information as I was holding the precious baby boy. I am with the understanding that many of the children being born now are highly spiritual, intuitive, healers. I am not here to convince anyone else why I believe this, just that I do.

I also told the baby’s parents that they would be having another baby (a girl) with in the year. The new Daddy told me no just like he did 14 months ago. It doesn’t matter whether I am right or wrong. I only say what I see.

I am doing readings for “free” throughout the months of November and December on Sundays only. Please contact me if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “I met

  1. Hi Raquel,

    that was amazing. I truly believe also. I would love to have a oomplete reading. I would love to schedule a reading for the first Sunday that you have open… Please let me know…Hopefully we can do it over the phone. I can call you…

  2. Hi

    I am getting kind of desperate I have been having lightheadness and headaches for the last two month. And in emergency with gallbladder attack wasn’t bad but at the time they did a urinary test and three days later phoned to tell me I have a urinary tract infection when I went back to tell my doctor she said I never had one and that I didn’t take the test properly and emergency clinic says I did they wouldn’t have phoned and put me on antiobiotics if I didn’t. My blood tests keep coming back negative, sugar levels were high and then they were down again last test. Blood pressure good. No eye disease, I am frusterated I thought maybe you could tell what the lightheadness is. Everyone thinks in my head or that I am having anxiety. Eversince I turned 40 something keeps happening. Do you think it’s possible you would be able to direct me here a little bit. Very desperate.


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