I love love jewelry, don’t you?

I like shooting the kind of photos of my jewelry that will stop you from scrolling on your facebook wall to take a better look. Eye catching photos, I think anyway. www.houseofraquel.com One day I’ll have a mannequin that has eyes and a head. Or even better live models hahah (none of my family members will do it) But for now these silhouette displays purchased from riogrande.com do the trick.
This photo taken without the display still catches the eye ( I think) because of the color. Chinese turquoise pops against that black background, don’t you think? Just like when you wear it against your skin, Pop! Click here! You’re have to picture it in your mind. White tee or white button up shirt and jeans, flat shoes and sunglasses. You got the picture, awh lovely.
One last photo to share with you where I use another silhouette display to show off this pretty chinese glass bracelet. Click here! Now I hope I didn’t make this look easy because it has taken me quite a few years to get to this point in shooting photos of my jewelry. I’ve had many kind people tell me how to do it (their ideas) Now I have my own ideas and it works for me. I guess you have to experiment to find what feels right for you. I know it’s not easy selling jewelry on the web. It is a lot easier up front and personal. Where you pick up the piece lay it against your wrist and fall in love. I do my best to show my pieces in different angles in the four photos of each piece on my website, houseofraquel.com

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