that vs this

Here I am on WordPress posting my thoughts about My jewelry, My seeing ability and now my photography. I’ve had two or should I say three other blogs prior to this one. I just visited two of them and can you believe that they are still getting visitors from all over the world. Hey people I’m over here now on wordpress. I’ve left a message to follow me to I love how easy it is to add pages and photos etc. I’m going stay here but I miss all the traffic from blogspot. I wish nah, I’m here!

I have sort of the same dilemma with Etsy and Artfire. I removed my jewelry from Artfire and now just have my photographs. My jewelry was removed from Etsy because of aging. Do I add my photos to my etsy also or just leave them on Artfire. Or should I just use my house of raquel website for all of it and enough already.

That website vs this website. Can you keep up with it all?

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