Like my fan page on facebook? http://www.facebook.com/pages/House-of-Raquel/67711488390 This is where I share what’s going on with House of Raquel. I show some of my designs on my Facebook fan page. Hopefully so you will visit my website.

Today I placed an add for my House of Raquel fan page. I’ll start doing this periodically for advertising. It was easy and I suggest if you have a business you should try it. You are able to spend a daily $ amount for how ever many days that you want your add to run. You are charged per click. You set your target market to the millions of facebook members that don’t know about you. Or target your facebook fans. Or run two adds for both targets.
While your add is running you can view your add campaign.

I found the information useful and wanted to share it. Perhaps you’ve been wondering about it. Thank you for being a “Like” of the House of Raquel. I really appreciate your support.

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