When I’m being creative than I’m doing what I am suppose too. It is the balance trick. I have to work 5 days a week in an accounting department paying bills, doing journal entries, banking etc while my inside is screaming at me, I need to be creative.
During my lunch break I usually spend it at my favorite place Hap Magee Park. I have my ipad and I’m reading, surfing the web, shopping for beads, etc.
Some afternoons after I eat my lunch I’ll do a little meditation. It is the perfect place really, to sit back close my eyes and take deep breaths. After a quick 15 minutes I’ve rejuvenated myself and back to work I go for the second half of day. Time drags.

When I get home I go into my bead room and “get creative”. It helps balance me out each day. I enjoy my creativity. I love creating jewelry and taking photos of my designs.

House of Raquel

House of Raquel

House of Raquel

Earrings are on sale now on my website,

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