I’m ok

I’m ok with being wrong.

I do readings and I haven’t in a long while. On the sidebar of my blog I post my baby predictions. On 12/7/09 I saw a girl friend having a baby within 5 months. I was wrong and she was pregnant sooner and miscarried. I was so upset about it I just stopped “seeing”. I was heart broken for her, imagining her pain was too much for me to bear.

I didn’t think it was fair, why do YOU give me this “sight” and not the “sight” to see the miscarry? I don’t want it anymore! I won’t do it ever again!

So when people asked me for a reading, I would tell them that I was taking a break from it. I wasn’t lying I just didn’t want to talk about the real reason.

In May (hmmm 5 months) I had to have a emergency surgery. That day I saw my girl friend and I saw she was pregnant again. We exchanged glances but neither one of us said a word about “her little secret”. I was away for 8 weeks with my disability. When I saw her again, I spoke first You’re pregnant. She told me yes she was preggie!

I saw a “little boy” this time. I was WRONG!

The other day she had her official ultrasound with her doctor and he told her she was going to have a GIRL!

MY PREDICTION – Heather within 5 months – today’s date 120709 girl

One thought on “I’m ok

  1. That was honest Raquel! Thank you for sharing! It’s truly OK! Lots of love to you!!

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