I am

When I first went on the internet to set up an email account, back in the late 80’s when the speed was 2400 to 9600 bps using a modem 14.4k then 28.8k then 56k. I opened an email account on prodigy, when I hardly knew anyone who had an email account. Yea that far back! I was so excited and wanted an original name for my account. I didn’t want to use my name. So I came up with hija4. It means 4th daughter. The 4th daughter of my Mother, the youngest of her seven children. So on the internet I was hija4@prodigy, then hija4@aol, then hija4@yahoo and now I’m using my name!

Today it is high speed and everyone has email. Some have blogs and websites, I do. I have a little business and that’s why I have a blog and a website. I started my jewelry business with the original name hija4 designs. A few years later I hired an artist to come up with a logo.
Recently I came across the artwork in my picture files. I wanted to share it. I love the heart most of all in my logo. The heart really resonates with who I am. I kind of wish that I would have kept the name of my jewelry business, hija4 designs.

In the pictures below you can see a little heart jewelry tag on my necklace. I special ordered a jewelry tool that had hija4 on it and I would stamp the little heart for all my pieces.

I am going to keep putting the hearts on my designs I just thought to do that just now. But of course House of Raquel is too much to stamp onto a little heart, I couldn’t shorten it to HOR. Nah! I’ll just have a silver heart tag, why not?

I am hija4 from my heart to yours. Through our hearts we can create a chain of love with many silver hearts.

3 thoughts on “I am

  1. Incredible and inspiring. The necklace above, to me, represents part love/part spirituality. Your optimism and extreme sense of “life” shows in your work… and I admire that. Congratulations.

    I know you are having a bad weekend…..Sending good loving thoughts your way…..
    Hugs, Cory

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