I’m moving into a different room in my house but first my husband wants to paint the walls. Aww patience. I’m looking forward to moving out of the corner of my living room. I’m going to paint the walls a light shade of green.
I want to put a plant, maybe an orchid. I’m going to hang the photos that Rachel Capil photographer took of my jewelry on the walls. I won’t have a tv in there yet, but I’ll listen to music.

I’ve added a few new items to my House of Raquel website. Just like moving into a new building, room, space you got to decorate the walls. I’ve redecorated my walls on my website. I changed the photos on the webpages.
Photo was taken at a home show. I used photoshop to add the art effect.
Did you know I have several pages of earrings for only $8.00, just like buying them at Target.
I’ve posted a few pair of my latest designs.
This photo was taken on a orange backup (what was I thinking?) I like the way photoshop allowed me to work around it.
Lots of my jewelry is on sale too.
I added a few new items here.
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