As darkness settles in

I made three pieces of jewelry today with the stones of the pictures I posted earlier. In between spending time with my husband I managed to create two necklaces and a bracelet.

I watched a few movies while working on the pieces and the photos. One of my favorite movies from last year, It’s Complicated, I seen it again today. Have you seen it? Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin. The house it that movie with the yard and garden oh my! Her restaurant was fabulous and how she could cook and bake, my husband drooled haha. I don’t cook. Many of the scenes in that movie were so gorgeous. I loved that movie! Watch it when you get a chance.

I had to stop to go get something for dinner to eat. I went to Carl’s Jr. son ate a pineapple chicken sandwich and I ate a walnut apple and cranberry chicken salad. My husband ate popcorn. Now he has indigestion. I feel ok. Love love love eating salads for dinner. Light on the stomach.

First piece I made was a necklace,
The clasps can be connected anywhere on either chain to shorten the necklace.
I will be posted more photos of the same design on my website soon.
Next photo was the bracelet to match. I also put 2 clasps on both ends of the chain to shorten it to your desired size.
The last photo is the necklace,
Turquoise aww. I love wearing turquoise in the summer, how about you?

How was your Sunday? I hope that you were able to do what you love. Did you get to relax? Or did you have a busy day?
It’s been awhile since I’ve spent a day making jewelry. I sure enjoyed being creative and the pace of the day. Now it is about time to get ready for bed. Sweet dreams.

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