I was driving home from work. I was stopped at a street light and noticed the car alongside of me. There were three little children sitting in the back seat and a lady in the front seat driving to their destination. That vision reminded me of being a little girl.
My mom didn’t drive. My older sister lived with us with her daughter. She took us everywhere in her little green Nova. I grew up without a Father, he died when I was three.
I don’t know what having a Father was like so I didn’t miss not having one. I had plenty of siblings and relatives around me all the time. My sister would take my two nieces and me to tap dance class every Saturday morning. We would get a new lesson, practice for two hours then go to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. I was a happy little girl.

We lived across the street from the elementary school that we attended. We would play in the playground, ride roller skates on the asphalt and ride our bikes in and out of the hallways on the grounds of that school.

After the summer ended I would find out who my school teacher was going to be and help her get the classroom ready for the fall school season. I loved going to school and enjoyed most of my school teachers throughout my adolescent.

I would wake up at the crack of dawn and get sleepy when the sun went down.

During the Christmas holidays our tap dance group would perform at the local City Auditorium. My sister and Mother would make our beautiful costumes and we would enjoy performing in front of everyone who showed up. I loved to tap dance.

Life was easy for me as a child. I didn’t have a worry in the world. I knew I was loved and that I loved. I imagined a world in the sky with the clouds as I lay under a tree wishing for a money tree.
That little girl still exists inside of me. We love, we feel, we breathe, we dream.

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