Okay all you magazines


I recently purchased an iPad. I am writing this post on it as a matter of fact. While I am sitting in my car eating my lunch at the park. Before I received my iPad I was browsing on one that my co-worker had in the office with him. I viewed the USA Today magazine. I thought as I was browsing thru the pages that it would be really cool if the ads had a link that you could click on and immediately be on their website so you could purchase the purse, lipstick, shoes, etc.
So yesterday the Vanity Fair app for the iPad came out, I bought it. Woot woot!
Ads you can click on and go to the websites! So now I am requesting that Elle, Lucky get on board the Ipad train so I can shop while reading a few of my favorite magazines.
I love technology. I have to say that I just tried to take a photo of the Vanity Fair magazine ad page with my iPhone, sent it to my email, downloaded on my iPad, but word press couldn’t find it otherwise I would have photos posted with this post.