How you make

How you make me feel when you say such things…
I get my feelings hurt and I want to cry. I want to lash out and hurt your feelings. I want to go inside myself and shut down and show no feelings at all.

Say you’re sorry. Say that you love me and you didn’t mean it.

I’ve loved you your entire life. Why such hate towards me? Where does this behavior come from? What did I do to you, tell me so I can know better so I will do better.

Who is telling you that I’m evil and you should stay away from me. You’ve known me your entire life. When did I do anything but love you. How weak minded are you to believe anything but that I’ve always shown you love? How two face you are to whisper you love me when you see me and then don’t want to come around because you know I’ll be there.

Oh it’s because I call myself a “Seer”. I have crystals, candles, stones, cards and meditate. I make jewelry and infused my pieces with Reiki healing energy. Oh that’s why? Your new beliefs go against all that I am. Your “G*d” tells you that I’m evil.

My G*d tells me that I’m not. My G*d loves me. My G*d loves you. My G*d doesn’t separate because of any religion or the color of skin, etc. My G*d isn’t Baptist, Catholic, Moslem, Mormon, Christian, Jewish, etc. My G*d recognizes all faiths, religions etc.

I will continue to show you love whenever I have the opportunity. I will let go of the hurt. I choose to love and be loved. I choose to LIVE and LET LIVE.

2 thoughts on “How you make

  1. Raquel-I think this is beautifully written. You should be loved for who you are-that hasnt changed-obviously they have, and they need to realize that God doesn’t have us judge-we accept people for what they are but who are we to judge? Thank you for sharing your feelings and putting yourself out there. Love Ya

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