I have the “sight” to know when babies are coming. I can see as far as 2 years ahead. I can see them as toddlers or as teenagers. I can also hear the name of the baby. I would say that I’m about 80% accurate on the sex of the baby also. But I can be wrong about that, but I haven’t been wrong yet about seeing a baby coming.

I have heard my spirit guide Jade whisper in my ear when I’m open, in tune and grounded that one of my family members was having a girl. Within the following year a very beautiful little girl was born to my cousin.

I’ve posted a few babies that I’ve seen on the way on my raquelcamaral.blogspot last year. The predictions are still posted even though I’m no longer using blogspot for my blogs. I think I will add the Prediction column to the right of this blog, what do you think?

I had shut down after one of the babies was lost within the first trimester. I was hurting for the mother and thought why I am “seeing” this and not the lost. I can’t do this anymore because it hurts so much. The mother recently told me that they were trying again and did I “see” anything and to let her know when I did.

I was truly amazed at her strength and was so happy she had gone through that horrible time and was looking forward to getting pregnant again. Her remarkable attitude turned mine around. I am seeing again for all you women who want to know if you’re having a baby. Oh yea I see when men are having them too 😉

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