The Heron

When I see this magnificent creature in the blue sky flying overhead with its incredible wingspan of up to 7 feet wide it takes my breath away. I live in the city and these birds are usually found by the streams and shorelines. But sometimes I will see one flying over highway 680 on my way home from work. Or on 780 heading north towards Fairfield. It doesn’t matter where and when I see one it always remind me of my Father. So when I see one I always say out loud, “there’s my Dad.”

My Dad passed away when I was 3 years old. I have no conscious memories of him and have never dreamed about him. I have however communicated with him in spirit. Could I have been making up the conversations that I had with him? Sure but He provided me with information that could and was validated.

I can’t remember when I first correlated the Heron with my Father. It’s been a few years now. I just “feel” it’s my Dad’s way of peeking in on me to let me know he is looking out for me. I’ve noticed that when I do see “my dad” flying it is when I’m trying to make a decision about something going on in my life.

Do you have an animal, insect, feather, flower, etc that reminds you of someone who has passed away? Don’t you love the way our loved ones pop remind us that they are still around us in spirit. I think my favorite reminders are the orbs in our photos. But that’s another post.

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