The weather is so beautiful and even though its May it feels like a summer day. You probably already know how much I enjoy the park during my lunch hour. I eat and read in my car. However with the weather warming up I now have to go sit out on one of park benches. Where’s my hat? Gotta hide my face from the sun. I have enough brown spots.

I love summertime, its my favorite time of year. Probably because I was born in June. I don’t know perhaps it is because when I was young there was no school during the summer. I would wake up early as a child and go outside to play. Of course I was always the first one in bed at night. Pooped from being outside all day having fun. The sun rejuvenates me. I love to sit outside and paint. I haven’t done it in a while. I’m thinking about painting a bookshelf that we use as a table. I have a tablecloth on it and on top of that I have candles, angels, fairies and crystals. A perfect outdoor backyard summer project. Turn up the music, pour myself a wine cooler grab a hat and I’m set.

We’ve planned our vacation during the summer this year and I’m so looking forward to it.

You should come with us. We all chip in for food and drink. Did I say we’re going to Hawaii? It’s a must do every year because where else can I go and stay for free for a week. Nice huh?

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