Live Models

Live models would be fabulous! and how I wish I had a few to wear my jewelry for photo shoots. That way customers who visit my website and #Artfire Kiosk could also look at photos to see how the earrings dangle, or about where they fall on the neck. Or how far the necklace drops on the chest. And not just the same old ones I always have there .

Today I thought it would be great to get a manniquin like the department stores. So I went to Ebay and searched for manniquin. Ok these would be my number one choice! I truly would enjoy having a few photos of my jewelry designs displayed on a manniquin for my website and Artfire Kiosk. Fully dressed, but of course! I could also use them for my blog, and on numerous social networks. It is definitely eye catching, wouldn’t you say?

Here are a few more to use for necklace shots or even to take along to a jewelry show. They all could work hand in hand with photo shoots and jewelry shows. Who knows maybe one day when my dream to own a store comes true. They will be standing on the floor and tables as you enter my shop.

Ok so if any of my family members are reading this and can’t figure out what to get me for a gift, M A N N E Q U I N S!

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