Thank you WordPress

Do you write a blog? Who are your readers? When do you have time to read all the blogs that you subscribe too?

I love to read but finding the time is always hard. I work 8 to 5 at an accounting job, and when I get home I’m creating jewelry designs for House of Raquel.

The book shelves are stuffed full of books that I’ve read over the years. I was head over heels thrilled when the Kindle first appeared at Amazon. I couldn’t wait to buy it. I no longer had to find a hole on my book shelf to stuff another book. I read about an hour a day during my lunchtime on my Kindle. Do you have a Kindle?

I was searching for magazines for my Kindle when I discovered blogs for Kindle. Huh? People are publishing their blogs on Kindle. I have a blog, I could do that. Who would read it? People who have Kindles and read them on subways on their way to work, during their lunchtime, sitting in waiting rooms, breaks from classes, etc.

Kindle published my blog today.

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