Back in the 80’s

I use to buy wholesale gold jewelry at the Jewelry Center in San Francisco. I worked in Emeryville at the time and the Jewelry Center was a hop skip and jump across the Bay Bridge. I use to take a few girls over there to help me pick out what to buy. I would mark it up and sell it to the girls in the office. I did this for a few years until the plant in Emeryville, (Judson Steel Corporation) shut its doors in 1986.
Like most women I loved gold jewelry.
My love affair with Silver jewelry began when I started watching QVC for crafts. I discovered Silver jewelry, Birkenstocks, etc. You can get pretty find what you’re looking to buy on that television show. One of my favorite artists for sterling silver is Robert Lee Morris. I wear a bracelet of his every day. I eventually bought a jewelry Kiln and I made a matching silver pendant that reads “spirit” also. Hmm I haven’t made much jewelry with that kiln either. I’ve got to get back into it. I love evolving with my jewelry creations as I continue to evolve.

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